OFFF Barcelona 2007: Showplace

Two Faced by IDN
Paint by Numbers – Erik Natzke
Lost – Renascent
18 Portraits of Atlas – Takagi Masakatsu
Graffiti Research Lab
The Dynamic Canvas – Joshua Davis
Exposure – Craig Swann
Gesture Machines – Zachary Lieberman


Two Faced is a creative showcase of modern-day portraiture from some of the most talented and influential creative people of the last decade. The original project presents over 100 unique portraits produced exclusively for this project from the likes of Kinsey, David Shrigley, Hillman Curtis, Build, Rankin, Trevor Jackson, Jonathan Ellery, Joshua Davis, and many more. At Showplace we’ll be showing 20 selected artworks from the collection.
Our face is our signature: something that is indelibly us. Yet faces are paradoxical and we can easily misread them. Two Faced, put together by Wearitwithpride and published by IdNPRO, represents a fascinating insight into the minds and worlds of those who have attempted to deal with this most enigmatic of artistic challenges

Exploring the digital medium as a means for creating compositions through the logic of code and a little playful imagination. Erik Natzke will build 4 animation engines especially for OFFF with sound by Oriol Rossell.


In this multichannel installation, Renascent presents a delicate typographic poem, which takes the letters that form the word lost as its focal point. The letters themselves, and the phrases which appear and disappear, animate in a compelling and evocative manner, serving to highlight the emotion of the poetry. One of those phrases, “sideways and familiar” aptly describes the uncanny tension that the work creates through the clever combinations of moving letterforms.



Takagi Masakatsu is a pioneer of audio and video, a master of piano and After Effects. Masakatsu travels around the globe recording footage and samples that he uses later for his music and visuals compositions. This video, recorded in Morocco, is an excellent sample of his motion paintings and a confirmation of his extraordinary talent.


Graffiti Research Lab will have a large showcase of their work at OFFF. They will be leading Throwies workshops, showing videos of their projects, and having a special L.A.S.E.R Tag site where everyone can try this amazing tool. Also, we’ll be featuring their new project Extinguisher POV Cam, a camera system for recording first person graffiti writing. And at night anyone can join them around Barcelona to try some L.A.S.E.R. Tagging in buildings and, if you’re lucky enough you might catch them doing some Night Writing too.



Master of Flash, Joshua Davis, hyperactive superstar and spiritual father of OFFF, gets, as last year, into a three days creative and collaborative process in which he’ll get in with all the people that wants to. Davis is going to be “jailed” during the three days of the festival in the Showplace venue, drawing in his “dynamic canvas”. Everybody is invited to go to his installation to draw with him. The artist, who will use his generative techniques to modify and combine the sketches, will putt the drawings into software. The final result will be two prints; one that we’ll keep on the wall and one that you can take home with you.


Gesture Machines starts from a simple question: What would happen if a drawn line could uncurl itself? The project presents a series of vignettes that explore the behavioral possibilities that arise when humble lines become animated forms. The collection explores elementary concepts of change and development, which nevertheless offer deep and playful surprises in a real-time, interactive context and provides a witty reminder that lines can have a mind of their own.


Descrição, fotografias e videos do Dia 1
Descrição, fotografias e videos do Dia 2
Descrição, fotografias e videos do Dia 3

Descrição, fotografias e videos do Showplace

Author: Pedro Amado

Professor Auxiliar na Faculdade de Belas Artes Universidade do Porto lecionar Ferramentas Digitais, Web Design, Design de Interação e Creative Coding

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