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Phinney publicou originalmente no seu blog as apresentações das conferências da Linotype em Frankfurt na TypoTechnica este ano. Além do prestigio da Adobe, Miguel Sousa (PT) também foi parte integrante da equipa de desenvolvimento tipográfico que esteve presente. É uma das jovens promessas mundiais no Design Tipográfico a manter debaixo de olho.

São um pouco técnicas, mas…

Miguel Sousa, David Lemon and I [Thomas Phinney] attended Linotype’s “TypoTechnica” conference recently. Here are our presentations, followed by a review of the conference and some talks.

Miguel Sousa’s presentation on how Adobe generates their font files was one of the best-attended sessions of the entire conference. Standing room only!

Facelift presentation (150K PDF). My talk on why we’re revising the entire Adobe Type Library, and what kinds of technical tweaks we’re making.Font naming presentation (2 MB PDF). This talk explains a lot about font names and style links in OpenType fonts. It seems I do this every year or two. I realized in giving this talk that I needed to update some of the slides with newer FontLab screen shots, so I did that, and it’s the updated slides that I am posting.

Glyph naming presentation (100K PDF). Another perennial favorite, which I covered in the same session as font naming.

Font Production at Adobe (150K PDF). Miguel Sousa gave this first in-depth look at the current Adobe OpenType font production process.

Font testing at Adobe (2.3 MB PDF). Miguel looks at the range of tools and procedures needed to test OpenType fonts.

QE Outputs (250K PDF). Samples of output from testing tools, goes with Miguel‘s Font Testing talk.


Mais sobre as apresentações e conferências aqui:

Alguém conhece/tem os links para mais alguma paresentação?


Author: Pedro Amado

Professor Auxiliar na Universidade de Aveiro a leccionar Design de Interação

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