Ele há coisas estúpidas…

Pois é, a Net está repleta de coisas absolutamente ridículas…
Obrigado à Rita P. por partilhar esta pequena pérola, tributo à paralisia cerebral crónica em pessoas aparentemente saudáveis…

Eh Marine (Vídeo Original)

Eh Marine (Tributo 1)

Tribute to the famous movie, Dans ta Gueule

Made by portuguese Genious at Lemede (coimbra), a center of spiritual retirement.
This is a movie that reflects our point of view about the biological-stetical question of a “tiroles” never could have born in the region of Renania after the proclamation of the independency of the plantation of potatoes in river nile.

Duarte P.
Filipe X.
Leonardo C.
Mário S.

Eh Marine tribute reborn

Due to our fandom to the original video, “Eh Marine” me and Killi had to do a tribute, so I slaped him with full force!


Author: Pedro Amado

Professor Auxiliar na Universidade de Aveiro a leccionar Design de Interação

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