O Festival Plus+ é dos poucos festivais dedicados inteiramente à criação de Design Tipo/Gráfico colocando em destaque a inovação, o “pioneirismo” e as novidades internacionais:

Este ano conta com uma lista de participantes muito interessante, mas o facto de se estar a fazer destaque nesta página, é que a edição deste ano conta com uma participação muito especial, “prata-da-casa”: Vítor Quelhas.

No e-mail enviado hoje através da Mailing List do festival encontra-se a listagem completa dos participantes (oradores):


Plus International Design Festival
is pleased to announce the

Moving Type Conference speakers

17, 18, 19 October 2007
The Wild Building
, 93-96 Floodgate Street, Birmingham B5

As in previous years the 2007 Conference promises to be something of a typo/graphic jamboree with an international line-up of speakers whose interpretations on Moving Type will certainly inspire your typo/graphic heart, realign your typo/graphic mind, and touch your typo/graphic soul.

Come and listen to a heady mix of talks that cover life, love, flight and fancy, which bounce from Bournemouth to Brazil from India to Italy. Moving Type promises a diverse programme, which includes letters on the seashore and words in the city, type on the screen, on paper, stone and water; and musings on both the past, present and future of typo/graphic design.

Speakers come from across continents and across disciplines: from type and typo/graphic design, illustration, digital media, publishing and education; from the UK, US, EU and Asia. And for the first time ever, amongst the known and established speakers the Conference has invited a number of undergraduates to take the platform and bring a fresh slant to an established subject.

In addition to the Conference you are invited to experience the rest of the Festival: enjoy the typo/graphic-exhibitions; sample the workshops; view the best is graphic design at the Expo; pull on you walking boots and explore the typographic streets of Birmingham; and relax and enjoy some good food, wine and company at the Plus parties.

Jonathan Aitken, Typographic play: the application of kinetic typography to live performance;
Paul Bailey, Responding to forms: physicality & the book;
Timothy Donaldson, Moving ‘type’ to the edge: the coastal alphabet;
Paulus Dreibholz, I move type and type moves me;
Verena Gerlach, The link between analogue and digital titles and graphic animation in German films and clips;
Robert Harland & Bryn Andrews, Instigating a programme of research concerning graphic design and the condition of dyslexia;
Will Hill, The decorative typography of the union card: a typographic timeline;
Sally Hope, My city, my place;
Sebastian Lester, Moving type: exploring the expressive and illustrative potential of letterforms;
Jeff Leak, Environmental type;
Bryan Loke, Type moved;
Simon Loxley, Frederic Warde – typographer on the run;
John Melton, Em Bifurcated Bodoni: the missing link;
Paul Middleton, The role of short life typography in television broadcast design;
Liz Minichello, Type and image within contemporary children’s picture book design;
David Osbaldestin, The typographic language of greetings cards; Joe Quackenbush, Love letters: the typographic language of love;
Vitor Quelhas, DynTypo: A contribution to the understanding of dynamic typography;
Mandar Rane, Intellectual observers;
Claudio Rocha, Materiality, characters and emotions;
David Shields, History and the Grotesque Italian: experiments in finding historic form (or How the West was Won);
Julius Weidemann, Why type? Why a typographer?

Bookings for the Conference will be opening soon.
For more information please visit: or
or contact Caroline Archer.

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Para mais informações sobre o festival consultem o site:


Author: Pedro Amado

Professor Auxiliar na Faculdade de Belas Artes Universidade do Porto lecionar Ferramentas Digitais, Web Design, Design de Interação e Creative Coding

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