Na última Newsletter da DTG Magazine, Fred Showker deixa escrito algumas regras de como produzir/cobrar orçamentos de trabalhos:

Many people price from the hip and really haven’t gotten a handle of what it’s actually costing them. Read my lips: You will never know how much to charge for your work, until you know how much it costs you to do the work!

Freelancing, like any other business, should have standard accounting practices applied. This helps you establish how much it costs you — leading to how much you should charge. It’s simple math.

Overhead costs


What’s your GPM?

What’s the Market?

How much for a page?

Best Practices…

Em tom de nota de continuação, Fred também linka mais dois artigos relacionados:

How do I find and get new clients?

Lead Services: Pros & Cons


Author: Pedro Amado

Professor Auxiliar na Universidade de Aveiro a leccionar Design de Interação

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