Personal Views 44 – Irma Boom

É já na próxima Sexta-feira dia 06 às 15:00 no auditório da ESAD. Todavia, não sei se poderei comparecer. Para todos os efeitos, fica a divulgação.

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Print Student Cover Competition

Até 30 de Junho. Mais informações:

PRINT’s Student Cover Competition
Our Student Cover Competition, started in 1964, is a unique opportunity for students to have their work featured in an award-winning design publication that is distributed internationally. The deadline for PRINT’s April 2009 issue is June 30, 2008, and we will begin accepting entries after March 17, 2008.

Professors and students who are interested in participating should click here for additional information, specs, and a downloadable version of the PRINT logo, or email studentcover [at] printmag [dot] com.